When is my MOT due?

When will swimming pools open in Scotland? Date leisure centres can reopen – and new rules that could be in place. The coronavirus-related MOT extension scheme is due to run out soon , meaning millions of drivers will have to ensure their vehicle has a valid test certificate. The six-month extension was announced at the height of lockdown to ease pressure on test centres and protect drivers who were stuck at home from prosecution for having an expired MOT. The scheme was initially due to run until March , but as millions of cars return to the post-lockdown roads, the Department for Transport has said it will end early. And with things returning to normal, drivers will have a lot of questions around the MOT, ranging from what it costs to how long it takes and what it covers, so here is our guide to everything you need to know about the MOT. Different vehicles undergo different tests, with separate categories for cars, motorbikes, and large passenger and goods vehicles. Cars are exempt from the MOT for the first three years of their lives but then must be tested once a year until they reach 40 years old.

Coronavirus: Drivers get six-month MoT extension as Government battles spread of Covid-19

Did you know it is a legal requirement to carry out an MOT test on vehicles three years old and over? An MOT , which stands for the Ministry of Transport, is a test designed to check that your car meets the safety and environmental standards set by UK law. You must ensure that your vehicle has passed its MOT test so that you are not endangering others or causing too much pollution when driving.

If your car fails its MOT test , you must have your vehicle repaired and retested until it complies with MOT standards.

Your MOT will never be late again with our quick and handy MOT expiry date checker. and sign up for reminders via post or email so that you never forget your MOT again. First and foremost, it is against the law to neglect getting an MOT.

We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. There are some known issues with using the MOT testing service. DVSA will automatically correct all these kinds of certificates in due course. DVSA is currently working through a large backlog of these enquiries and it may take up to 10 weeks for customers to receive their updated certificate.

Some users are having problems reading testing certificates because of the size of the printed text. Check your printer settings. These should be set for A4 paper, in black and white.

Q996: Are there any special arrangements for MOTs and vehicle tax during the Covid-19 pandemic?

What you need to do. This means that your vehicle will still have a valid MOT certificate for an extra 6 months. You do not need to do anything for this to happen. However, you must keep your vehicle safe to drive. This applies to all vehicles, including those that need their first-ever MOT test. This will automatically be extended to 3 October

Forwarded Your car, van or motorcycle’s MOT expiry date will be extended by 6 months if it’s due on or after 30 March – but you must keep This applies to all vehicles, including those that need their first-ever MOT test.

Coronavirus lockdown has led to the suspension of many normal activities across the UK — with motorists among those affected as driving tests and other services are put on hold. With the country slowly relaxing some of the measures, car showrooms have begun to re-open their doors with social distancing in place, as parts of the motoring industry return to normal. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, MOT expiry dates have been extended by six months for all cars, vans or motorcycles which were due for MOT on or after 30 March If your MOT was due on or before 29 March you should still go ahead and book an MOT test as usual unless you or someone in your household has coronavirus symptoms, or you are in the extremely clinically vulnerable category.

In that instance you should not take your car to the MOT test centre — the Department for Transport has said it is working with the police to ensure those affected by Covid are not penalised for having an out of date MOT. If you cannot get your MOT certificate because you are self-isolating or shielding, you should register your vehicle as off the road SORN until you can do so. Once you are no longer self-isolating or shielding you can take your vehicle to the MOT test centre, but you should not drive it before this time.

You can then tax your vehicle after it has had its test — but you will only need to do this if you registered it as SORN — while you will be sent an online copy of the test certificate rather than given the certificate, in order to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus. Follow Metro across our social channels, on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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The extension also applies to vehicles which are due their first MOT test on or after that date. If your MOT was due on or before 29 March

Cars and vans that are due an MoT from 30 March will automatically get a six-month extension, which means people will not have to visit their local garage if they are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus or living with someone who is vulnerable to the disease. The MoT extension will end on 1 August. The move comes after car dealers called for a three-month moratorium on MoT testing in a bid to reduce social contact.

The Government has already suspended the annual roadworthiness test for heavy goods vehicles, buses and trailers. No, MoT test centres will continue to remain open and operate as normal. This means drivers can still take their car for an MoT test, but must stay at home if they or someone they live with has coronavirus symptoms or is vulnerable to Covid Car owners are generally advised to have their car MoT’d as normal. However, if you are showing symptoms of the coronavirus or living with someone who is considered high risk to the disease , you are advised to stay at home and take your car for its MoT when the self-isolation period is over.

The Department for Transport has told HonestJohn. If your car or van has failed the MoT you will be required to fix the car and have it retested. It will not qualify for the automatic six month extension. Nothing, the MoT will automatically be renewed for six months. This means an MoT that was due on 3 April will automatically be extended until 3 October.

The MOT scheme

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Every vehicle in the UK needs to be tested each year to ensure that it complies with roadworthiness standards. This is a legal requirement. The purpose of the M. Test is to ensure that cars, other light vehicles including some Light Goods Vehicles , private buses and Motorcycles over a prescribed age are checked at least once a year to see that they comply with key roadworthiness and environmental requirements.

When your car is tested, the M. The M. New powers to V. Vehicle and operator services agency V. Until last year, however, to carry out such roadside checks they had to have the police on hand because they the police were the only organisation with powers to stop vehicles. Last summer, however, having been accredited with the power to stop vehicles without the police in attendance, a scheme was piloted in a number of areas where V.

A — on their own — carried out roadside checks. A staff now have the powers to stop vehicles without any specific fault being apparent. Declaring the pilot scheme successful V. A now carry out their own checks nationwide whenever they choose.

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Skip to content. MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. Due to the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of Covid 19, a number of DVA services are currently unavailable. You can check the status of your vehicle by calling DVA testing enquiries , however, as a general rule the points below indicate when your vehicle will be due a MOT test:. Motor cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles manufactured or registered before are exempt from the mandatory MOT test in Northern Ireland.

However, if your vehicle has an MOT expiry date after 1 August, then you will Given the number of cars that fail their test first time, that’s likely.

Clarissa Place. The Department of Transport is currently in discussions about MOTs for cars, motorbikes and vans during the coronavirus. Picture: PA. On Wednesday, the Department of Transport announced vehicle owners in Britain will be granted a six-month exemption from MoT testing. Drivers can be prosecuted if driving unsafe vehicles.

Under the guidance, prime minister Boris Johnson detailed a short list of reasons why people can leave their homes as he ordered the immediate closure of all shops selling non-essentials items during an address to the nation on Monday night. The only reasons you should leave your house are set out in the government guidance. Last Friday, it was announced the annual tests for heavy vehicles such as lorries, buses and trailers would be suspended for up to three months.

The statement also declared car, motorcycle, lorry, coach and bus driving tests were postponed for three months as well as approved driving instructor tests and checks. Regrettably, we have had to suspend driver testing for up to 3 months to help tackle the spread of the virus. The Department for Transport DfT is working with insurers and the police to make sure you are not unfairly penalised for not being able to get an MOT.

DfT is working with insurers and the police to make sure you are not unfairly penalised for not being able to get an MOT.

MOTs & Covid-19 Outbreak: What To Do If Your MOT Is Due

Jump to navigation. Fewer than half of the public consulted were in favour, with the main concern being the safety risk involved in delaying the first MOT of a car until its fourth year. The current three-year period needed before a car’s first MOT was introduced in , when it was reduced from 10 years. The MOT test is undertaken by 2.

Join Date: Nov ; Posts: 1 If I take my current MOT certificate for the new test, will the start date of the new, carry on from the the time before first MoT could be extended; based on the premise that owners will takes cars.

However, these unprecedented times have forced all of us to reevaluate our priorities. This will leave many drivers with a dilemma. Should you take your car for its MOT to make sure you can still drive it legally? Or should you stick to social distancing rules and stay at home? Read on for the full details. Under normal circumstances, drivers must take their car for its first MOT 3 years after registering it, then every year thereafter. Coronavirus, however, has prompted a change in approach.

So, if your original expiry date was May 1st, your new expiry date would be November 1st. The DVSA will inform you of your extension a few days before your original expiry date. MOT testing centres are exempt from the lockdown, and you will be able to take your car in for a test. If you come across a more serious issue with your vehicle, however, you may need to take it into a garage. While MOT tests require someone to physically look at your car, vehicle tax does not.

As such, your vehicle tax will be due at the normal time. Nonetheless, the MOT extensions have had a knock-on impact on tax.

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A vehicle is taken in for test too early to be post dated and has lost the time. A vehicle that is not UK registered can still be MOT tested. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the vehicles date of first use (if you know it).

As a driver, its want to know when your car needs it’s very first MOT test. And also, how often it is a legal requirement after that. MOT tests are all about testing the roadworthiness of a vehicle. MOT stands mot Ministry of Transport, a defunct government department that is one f the ancestors of the Department of Transport. With a set of national standards, the test is designed to establish that your car is safe for you, as well car on the road.

An MOT test is straightforward. It is easy to find any problems quickly and give you an accurate assessment of vehicle’s roadworthiness. The obligation mot with you, the car owner, when ensure that you take your car to a centre which is approved and regulated by the Driver and Dating Dating Agency. It is easy to identify a proper DVSA approved mot, look for car standard markings, a blue dating with three white triangles see dating below.

The first needs to openly displays the necessary DVSA information, which must include contact details and pricing schedule.

Six-month extension to MOT dates

It introduced the exemption to testing during the height of the coronavirus lockdown to reduce travel and pressure on testing centres. However, will millions of cars returning to the road, the extension is to be stopped at the start of August. Different vehicles undergo different tests, with separate categories for cars, motorbikes, and large passenger and goods vehicles. Cars are exempt from the MOT for the first three years of their lives but then must be tested once a year until they reach 40 years old.

The extension also applies to these types of vehicles that are due their first MOT test on or after 30 March There are different rules if your MOT expiry date.

The automatic six-month MOT extension given to car owners during coronavirus lockdown restrictions is about to end. Here’s all you need to know about MOTs due before or after August 1. Find out if you need a new MOT before or after 1 August due to lockdown restrictions. Professionally written and optimised content will bring new, targeted customers to your website.

Contact Pete petebarden. M1 alternative routes and diversions. Can I claim flight delay compo after Brexit? Got a story or want one written for your site? Get in touch with me here to discuss your requirements. Lockdown restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic prompted the government to change the rules around MOTs, which are usually required on a yearly basis for cars that are three-years old and beyond. Up until 29 March, the MOT system was operating as normal, with all qualifying vehicles needing to obtain a test certificate to be eligible for use on public roads.

However, if the owner or someone they live with had coronavirus symptoms during this period, or they were deemed extremely vulnerable to the virus, they were told not to visit an MOT test centre. To avoid being prosecution, owners would need to have declared their vehicle SORN until they were well or no longer needed to shield.

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